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McAfee Account Login

Create a mcafee account login to access, organize and manage all your McAfee products and services

McAfee is a complete online protection application that protects our devices from viruses, malware, and other online threats. It provides top security solutions to McAfee users, large and small businesses, enterprises, and government. McAfee has many features, to enjoy these, you have to do McAfee account login initially.

Because McAfee’s online security products and antivirus applications are made to keep any online threat such as malware, frauds, viruses, and malicious sites, all of them come in two variants: McAfee Premium subscription and McAfee Free Trials. Therefore McAfee activation is a must for the usage of the product.

McAfee’s anti-malware software application ensures your device protection from the external harmful and threatening claims, roaming all over the Internet. Therefore McAfee is one of the most sophisticated malware protection providers. However, It also provides completed information about your provider and its user in their user account. If you are feeling worried about Mcafee Account Login? No need to worry as with few simple steps, you can learn How to Login McAfee Account and register yourself. So, whenever you need to access your Mcafee subscription, you can easily access your McAfee account.

There are many top features of having a McAfee Account Login. You can check the following details through your McAfee Account Login:

  • You can easily make changes to your Mcafee Account Login details.
  • Control your antivirus software renewal settings.
  • Get to know about your Mcafee product subscription.
  • You can make changes to the Billing cycle.
  • Get information and exciting offers on McAfee Activation Key.
  • Check your McAfee subscription purchase records.

How McAfee provides security to both your Android / IOS and computer devices

To use Mcafee products, you have to activate McAfee, install, and McAfee login on your device. However, McAfee also provides free trial for a month, and after that, you have to renew it manually or in auto-renewal service. To activate the Mcafee product, you should have an Activation Key known as McAfee activate 25 digit keywhich you can find in your registered email. Now, download the McAfee antivirus protection visit on the official site. Then, You will also get an option of McAfee Free trial Download. To enjoy all the premium features, you have to perform Mcafee account login first.

Present Time, cyber-attacks are increasing and infecting your computer or mobile devices fastly with the help of viruses, malware, threat, and malicious activities. Therefore To shield your mobile devices, you must have an antivirus program on your mobile phones. McAfee mobile security application is the best antivirus to protect your mobile device as it frequently scans and fixes the issues found. So, To protect your device, You need to install McAfee mobile security application from the play or apple store.

McAfee mobile security is a pack of premium features that safeguards your mobile device in multiple ways. McAfee also protects your business data as well as personal data. To use McAfee securities in your mobile phones or Android device, then follow the steps below:

Mcafee account Login

How to download McAfee mobile security in your android device?

McAfee provides better security protection to its new users to protect their mobile devices. Below are the steps to safely download and install McAfee software in your android mobile phones:

  1. First, Open play store on your device
  2. Then, Search for McAfee mobile security
  3. After that, a list will appear on your screen. Choose one from the list.
  4. After the selection of the application, tap on install.
  5. The Installation will start
  6. After installing the Mcafee antivirus application
  7. Open McAfee application you will be prompt to allow the access to secure your device
  8. Now, you have to do McAfee Login your McAfee user account
  9. After that your McAfee mobile security application is ready to protect your mobile phone
  10. It will automatically scan and fix security issues.

You can download and activate McAfee mobile security application by following these steps. In case you perform any wrong action or your internet connection is slow, then an error might occur in downloading and Mcafee account login the software. 

McAfee security provides 24*7 customer support service from which you can take help in any issue or get information related to McAfee security. If you need, you may access your user account through the web site. To access your Mcafee user account information

How to access Mcafee account login in your device?

  1. Goto to
  2. After that, Tap on Have a Site? Which you will find in the top right corner.
  3. Click on McAfee Login close to the top of the screen.
    • If you don’t have an existing user account, then tap on ‘Sign up’ and create a new one.

Enter your email ID and enter your credentials In case you face any issue in McAfee login or forgot a password, then perform the steps below to recover your Mcafee account login details.

If you are not able to login My Account at because you have forgotten the user password or registered email ID, Then this article will help you to:

  • Identify your registered email ID.
  • Reset your Mcafee login password.


mcafee account login

Identify your registered McAfee Login ID:

You will have to use your registered email address to log in to You can find your registered email address, read below steps :

  1. Open your McAfee product subscription.
  2. After That, Tap on “My Info” or “Your Subscription”
  3. Your Mcafee registered email ID is shown, together with your subscription information.
  4. Then, use the email address to login to “My Account” at

Reset your Mcafee Login password

If you have forgotten your Mcafee user password, you can reset it by few simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. After that, Hover your mouse over ‘My Account’
  3. Tap On My Account Under the ‘Login’ option
  4. Then, Click on Forgot Your Password & Type your registered email ID
  5. After That, Click on Send Email
  6. Check your inbox, and You will find an email with the subject: Reset your McAfee password
  7. Then, Tap on the link in this email to reset your password


Some Frequently Asked Question

Q. How do I McAfee Account Login?

Ans. Open any web browser in your device and then goto Official Website ( After that, tap on “My Account” and then, select the option of “Sign In”. Now, put your registered email ID and password and then click on the “Log In” button.

Q. How do I Recover My McAfee User Account?

Ans. Go to “” from your device and then tap on the “My Account”. After that make a click on the “Forgot your email address?” button placed under the “Log In” option. Then, follow all the on-screen steps.

Q. How do I Create a New McAfee User Account?

Ans. Go to the “” link and then make a tap on the “consumer” or “business” option depending on your requirement. After that, select the “My Account” option at the top right side on the new page. Then, Click on the “McAfee my Account” option to create a free McAfee Login account.

Q. How do I Contact McAfee?

Ans. Dial the mentioned support number on our website to get connected with McAfee.

Q. How do I Change My McAfee User Account?

Ans. Open any web browser in your computer or device and then visit the “” link. After that, tap on “My Account” and then click on the “Sign In” button from the available options. Type in your registered email ID and password. After that Go to the “My Account” option to make any changes in your McAfee user account. Then, tap on the “Save” option after making changes.

Q. What is My McAfee User Account?

 Ans. Go to the “” link to access your McAfee subscription. Then, You can manage/view your user account details, subscriptions, and access all features of your McAfee Account.

Q. How do I Find My McAfee User Account?

Ans. You can find your registered McAfee user account in the McAfee product subscription itself. Just launch the McAfee application on your computer or mobile device and after that make a tap on the “My Info” or “Your Subscription” option. Then you will see all your registered McAfee subscription details.